Inside Secrets Of The Renault R.S.01 Revealed

Vehicle Lead Casey Ringley opens up the Renault R.S.01 and finds a thoroughbred built for DTM-levels of pure performance.

The Renault Sport R.S. 01 was created primarily to run in the Renault Sport Trophy, a one-design motor racing series and a springboard for professional GT and Endurance championships. The inspiration for Renault’s mid-engine racer was the world of concept cars, and with over 500hp and a top speed in excess of 300kmh, this is a serious race car with serious performance numbers. How serious? The R.S. 01, which was homologated for competition in the FIA GT3 category, had to be detuned by Renault because it was too fast—Renault was forced to add 50kgs (along with 100kg of ballast) and swap out the carbon brakes to gain its GT3 license. In Project CARS, though, you get the R.S.01 as it was originally conceived.
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Project CARS App Spotlight: Hud Dash

At first glance, ‘HUD Dash’ appears to be a regular second-screen app allowing Android device users to convert their hand-held hardware into a data dashboard utilizing Project CARS’ UDP data streaming.

However, Sebastian Barz’s ‘HUD Dash’ app comes with a twist: It offers a deeply-customizable experience which enables drivers and engineers to create custom second-screen dashboards that, rather than being confined to pre-designed layouts and data-entries, is instead based around their own unique requirements. Read Full…

Project CARS App Spotlight: pCARS Dash

Project CARS offers a vast majority of live telemetry that is available to you when you’re out on track. Wondering how your much further your fuel load will carry you, or how your tyre pressures are doing? It’s all available for you to see and analyze. Problem is, it can sometimes be a little difficult to ingest all that information while battling for the win.

This is where Pocket Playground’s ‘pCARS Dash’ app steps in, allowing you to use a handheld device or second screen for telemetry data playback, meaning your main racing screen remains clutter-free.

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Under The Skin Of Chevrolet’s Corvette C7.R

Vehicle Lead Casey Ringley gets under Chevy’s supercar and finds a lot to love

During the development of the C7.R, we had the great opportunity of working with one of the real drivers at Corvette—Tommy Milner. We’ve actually known Tommy since he was a 14-year old kid just getting started in karts and fooling around with simulation games, so it’s beyond cool to see where his career has gone.
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Project CARS & Ginetta Launch eSports Cup

Project CARS, in partnership with Ginetta Cars, is excited to announce the launch of the ‘Ginetta x Project CARS Esports Cup’, a fully manufacturer-backed, international Esports racing competition with £5,000 in prizes

Using the market-leading Esports motor-racing game Project CARS, the ‘Ginetta x Project CARS Esports Cup’ is open to drivers of every level, across PC, XBOX One, and PlayStation 4 platforms. This online only competition will be contested over the course of two adrenaline-fueled weekends between 18th November, and 4th December 2016.

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Up Close And Personal: The Formula Renault 3.5

Project CARS Vehicle Lead Casey Ringley Gets Under The Formula Renault 3.5 And Finds A Seriously Quick Runner.

This was a cool project to work on as we ramped up to the IndyCar Dallara. The FR3.5 chassis is made by Dallara, and the underbody with full tunnels isn’t all that different from the Dallara DW12. We were given extensive data for what this kind of underbody does over a wide range of ride heights, and matched the game model to it in seriously minute detail.

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Gittin Jr. Joins Project CARS Time Attack Efforts

Here’s your chance to come watch a legend in action. World Champion drifting legend Vaughn Gittin, Jr, who drives his own creation—and one of the most iconic cars in all of motor-sports, a 900hp Ford Mustang RTR in the US-based Formula Drift Championship—will get behind the wheel of the Airtec Project CARS Ford Fiesta at Croft Motor Circuit this weekend, and you’re invited to come watch the fun.

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Making Of: The Cadillac ATS-V.R

Project CARS Vehicle Lead Casey Ringley gets to grips with the Cadillac ATS-V.R.

The ATS-V.R replaced the Corvette-sounding V8 with a twin-turbo V6 as Cadillac responded to the arrival of GT3-spec’ cars in the Pirelli World Challenge. In 2014, the V8 Cadillac won the PWC championship, and this—a GT3 ready car—was the Cadillac they used to try and defend their title.

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Project CARS App Spotlight: vRHive

Telemetry is the science behind the whispered secrets of the black arts of setup engineering. If you’ve ever seen any top-level racing series on TV, you’ll surely have noticed drivers and engineers hunched over security-protected screens involved in hush-hush, hands-over-lips conversation. What are they sharing?

Secrets as revealed via telemetry analysis. Want to know who is the real number one in any team? He’s the guy whose telemetry is not being shared with his team-mate because there’s nothing more revealing than a telemetry dump.
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Inspired to Drive – The Nicolas Hamilton Story

Experience the inspirational story of a race car driver’s battle to beat cerebral palsy and his quest to achieve his racing dreams in Inspired to Drive – The Nicolas Hamilton Story.

Inspired to Drive – The Nicolas Hamilton Story is the true story of how a kid born with cerebral palsy went on to swap his wheelchair for the seat of a race car in the cut-throat world of motorsport.

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