Porsche Is Coming To Project CARS 2

Porsche comes to Project CARS 2 with 11 cars ready to deliver all the thrills from one of the world’s leading brands, along with the passion and intricate authenticity that underpins the Project CARS franchise …

With the Porsche brand now proudly joining the franchise, Project CARS has taken another definitive step in solidifying its reputation as the most authentic motorsport racing game in the world.

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Watch BUILT BY DRIVERS – “As Close As It Gets” Here

With the release of the ‘Project CARS 2: BUILT BY DRIVERS – “As Close As It Gets” Featuring Chris Goodwin’ film this week, Vehicle Lead Casey Ringley, and Physics R&D Lead Andrew “AJ” Weber recall the one pivotal moment that altered the trajectory of handling and feel in Project CARS 2.

The day when Casey and AJ, along with Pirelli’s Vitale Maffezzini, and McLaren’s Senior Vehicle Dynamics Engineer Mattia Saluzzo convened to work alongside McLaren’s legendary chief test-driver Chris Goodwin will go down as a pivotal moment in the development of Project CARS 2.

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Choose Your Edition: Pre-Order Project CARS 2 Now

Project CARS 2 fans looking for something even more exceptional from the world’s most technically-advanced and beautiful racing game can now choose between three refined editions for pre-ordering the game—these, in addition to the standard version.

These three pre-order editions are the Limited Edition, the Collector’s Edition, and the Ultra Edition. Each comes with its own exclusive benefits, and each has been painstakingly assembled to reflect the beauty and the adrenaline of motorsports that is the soul of Project CARS.
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Rallycross is Coming to Project CARS 2!

Rallycross will come fully-loaded to Project CARS 2 with an array of licensed cars and tracks in late 2017. With superstar drivers and their popping, anti-turbo-lag fire-cracking 600-horsepower race cars banging doors in arenas crammed with passionate fans, rallycross is a sharp, loud, violent motorsport featuring the quickest accelerating cars on earth—0-100kmh in under 2 seconds—hurtling over 70-foot jumps, and battling side-by-side on dirt, mud, and asphalt.

Step one when building a rallycross car? Get rid of the weight. Step two? Get rid of anything crucial up-front because the nose of a four-wheel-drive rallycross car is mainly used for two things only—sucking up air for turbos boosting grenade-like motors, and none-too-delicately nudging opponents out of the way. This is not a sport of delicate manners; short races mean the action is always intense and immediate and the only strategy is when best to get the Joker Lap in.

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Experience The New McLaren 720S in Project CARS 2

The McLaren 720S that had its official public debut earlier today at the Geneva International Auto Show will be available in late 2017 in Project CARS 2 for the first time on PS®4, Xbox One, and PC platforms.

This marks months of close collaboration between the teams at McLaren Automotive and Slightly Mad Studios in developing the virtual car whilst still developing the real car—a first for both.

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The most intense and authentic racing experience returns this autumn when Project CARS 2 is released on PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and PC


Created by gamers and tested by a team of world-class racing drivers—including two-time Le Mans winner Tommy Milner, Audi factory driver René Rast, stunt driver Ben Collins (Skyfall, Doctor Strange), and Rallycross and sim racing champion Mitchell DeJong—Project CARS 2 is the absolute choice for the world’s leading Esports drivers and teams that delivers the full spectrum of accessible motorsport to all levels of racer.

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Multi-Class Racing Comes to Project CARS Esports!

Starting on the 22nd of January, the ESL Project CARS Multi-Class European Championship will be bringing together the best drivers on Sony Playstation 4. With two powerful classes of race car on offer, prepare yourself for a mighty battle for victory.

Chase down opponents, lock up podiums and earn your place amidst the best – but remember, this time you’re not out there alone. In the Pro Class, the best drivers will fight over a prize pool of €2,500!

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Looking for Racing Action? Try Our eSports Series!

This week in Project CARS eSports, it was all about the latest battles in the ESL Go4 Cup Series. These are weekly eSports competitions that are open to all sim-racers on all three Project CARS platforms—PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Every Sunday, familiar faces from the world of hardcore sim-racing battle it out against challengers in GT3 class action across a series of sprint races. The prize? A €150 prize pool every weekend.

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Rewatch The Ginetta X eSports Finals Here

One of sim racing’s premiere championships was decided last weekend as the 45 fastest qualifiers in the Ginetta X Project CARS eSports Cup lined up on the grid for the final races to determine both the champions, and who would race away with a share of the £4,500 purse.

The racing was across three gaming platforms— PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC—and featured six action-packed races on two of the most iconic tracks in Europe in the mighty Ginetta G55 GT3. The format was simple: two 15 lap races at Oulton Park and Brands Hatch on each platform, with the drivers who scored the most points from both combined events crowned Ginetta Cup Champion, and presented with a £1,500 check.

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Ginetta Drivers On How to Prepare For The Ginetta Cup

With the Ginetta x Project CARS Esports Cup less than a month away, Ginetta factory drivers Mike Simpson and Charlie Robertson took time off their busy schedules—they’re on their way to China as you read this—to explain how they use Project CARS for training, and how best to drive the Ginetta GT3 and GT4 in competition.

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